Why Should Commercial Kitchens Clean EXHAUST HOODS AND FANS Florida

If anything goes wrong in the kitchen, regardless of how large or little it is or how much food it produces each month, everybody in the building may be in danger. Thus, the building must be ventilated to remove cooking fat and smoke-laden odors. In fact, local laws and regulations mandate this.

Hoods are used in all industrial kitchens to keep grease, dirt, and grime from spreading. However, grease and other particles accumulate on the inside of the kitchen hood over time. So, finding the best services for cleaning EXHAUST HOODS AND FANS Florida has to offer are required for several reasons.

1. Fire Risk Mitigation

The vent hood’s purpose is to collect oil and smoke, so it is installed directly over the cooking surfaces in industrial kitchens. If the hood accumulates layers of grime, the extra oil might ignite a fire if heated to a high enough temperature. A hot flame shoots up or forms on the burner. When the flame gets into contact with the filters in the kitchen hood, it ignites.

Furthermore, when the flames are drawn up into the ductwork, and there is sufficient oil residual in the ducts, it may act as a fuel source. As a result, it may cause the fire to reach farther into the exhaust system and create notable disaster. Grease fires are very dangerous and may burn for an extended period. Again, cleaning regularly might help to prevent this.

2. Improved Ventilation

Cleaning your EXHAUST HOODS AND FANS Florida may improve the movement of smoke and other odors throughout your kitchen. Air cannot flow correctly if your exhaust system is clogged with grease and other debris. Better ventilation keeps your area smelling fresher and makes it more comfortable to work in for kitchen staff.

3. Reduced Insurance Premiums

Regularly inspecting and cleaning your kitchen hoods and vents can help keep your insurance premiums low. When insurance companies see that you are making the necessary measures to keep your hoods clean, you may be eligible for a rate decrease.

Regular cleanings assist in preventing hazards, costly damage, and repairs. In addition, commercial kitchens must adhere to all fire safety regulations according to insurance carriers. If you are found to violate any codes, you may lose coverage or incur a higher rate.

4. Code Compliance

Local fire officials evaluate commercial areas to ensure that laws are followed, and the structure is safe. If your restaurant is discovered to violate these standards, such as having a dirty kitchen hood and vent, it may fail inspection. Failure to pass an inspection may result in your company going out of business or costing you time and money to get up to code. Stay in compliance to prevent fines or to have your business shut down.

5. Disease Prevention A dirty industrial kitchen is a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew due to high moisture and heat. A thorough cleaning of the hood and fan may aid in lowering harmful particle emissions. Particles that escape the vent cover can enter the building’s air.


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