What Makes a Great Leader: Eight Characteristics to Look For

Leadership is a crucial aspect of life, be it personal or professional. The world today is run by exceptional leaders who possess certain traits that set them apart from others. While some believe that leaders are born, others believe that leadership skills can be developed with time and effort. In this blog post, we will discuss the top eight characteristics what makes a great leader, and how these skills can be developed in any individual.

1. Visionary: One of the most critical traits of a great leader is their ability to see the big picture. Visionary leaders have a clear idea of where they want to go, and they take their team along with them on this journey. They inspire their followers, motivate them, and help them focus on the end goal. A great leader will also ensure that everyone is on the same page and believes in the vision that they have set for the team.

2. Empathetic: A great leader must be able to understand the needs and wants of their team members. An empathetic leader will take the time to listen to their team members’ problems, concerns, and suggestions. They will be compassionate and supportive towards their team, which helps to build trust and loyalty.

3. Decisive: A great leader must be decisive and capable of making tough decisions. They will consider all the possible outcomes and take quick action to resolve any issues. Decisive leaders will not hesitate to take risks and will have the courage to admit their mistakes and work towards correcting them.

4. Communicative: Communication is crucial for any leader, as they must connect with their team members and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal. Great leaders will listen to their team members, provide feedback, and keep everyone informed about any changes or updates.

5. Positive: A great leader must be optimistic and positive, even in times of crisis. They should be able to inspire their team and motivate them to achieve their goals, no matter how tough the circumstances may be.

6. Focus on Details: While a visionary leader will focus on the big picture, a great leader must also be detail-oriented. They must pay attention to the details to ensure that everything is done correctly and efficiently. This helps to avoid any mistakes or errors that can be costly and damaging to the team’s progress.

7. Transparent: A great leader must be transparent and honest with their team members. They should provide everyone with clear and accurate information about the team’s progress and any challenges that they may face. This helps to build trust and respect within the team.

8. Develops Others: A great leader will not only help their team to achieve their goals but also develop their skills and knowledge. They will provide opportunities for growth and encourage their team members to take on new challenges. This helps to build a strong and resilient team that is capable of handling any situation.


In conclusion, leadership is not about power or authority. It is about inspiring and motivating others to achieve their goals and work towards a common vision. Great leaders possess a variety of skills, including visionary, empathetic, decisive, communicative, positive, detail-oriented, transparent, and development-oriented. While some of these skills may come naturally to some individuals, others can develop them through practice and experience. By cultivating these skills, anyone can become a great leader and inspire others to achieve their full potential.


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