What are the different types of nicotine vaping?

Nicotine vapes

Vaping is an alternative for smoking where there would not be any burning of tobacco. Vaping devices will trigger the atomization of the e-liquid with the help of electronic components and a battery. Nicotine is a substance that will act as a stimulant that gives you a happy feeling with the release of dopamine in your mind during smoking. You could find nicotine content in tobacco products. Nowadays, all the vaping products are also coming with nicotine-rich cartridges. You could buy e-juice online in canada. However, there are different types of nicotine vapes available in the market. It is advisable to know these types to select the best-suited one for your needs. In this article, let us discuss some of these types of nicotine vapes in brief. 

Types of nicotine vaping


If you are a smoker looking for a try with vaping devices, you could try beginning with an e-cigarette. An electronic cigarette will be a smaller vaping device that will be similar to traditional cigarettes. You need not know to operate the device. It will be simple, and you should just inhale it by placing the mouthpiece in your mouth. However, e-cigarettes are for one use only. You could not use it again, and there would not be any cartridges to refill or replace. E-cigarettes can contain high levels of nicotine, and you will get a high feeling quickly. If you are busy and could not allot time for vaping devices, you can use this simple solution. It will not cost high also. 

Pod vapes

Pod vapes would be the entry-level vaping devices. It will be a device that is divided into two parts, one being the battery for power supply and the other a replaceable cartridge. You can refill the cartridge with an e-liquid whenever you want. You need no skills other than the simple operation and working of the system. You can also use this for more than once still feel a change in the taste or flavor of vaping. These vapes are also affordable, and you can get it easily. If you need high amounts of nicotine, you could go for cartridges with increased nicotine salt content. 

Box mods

Box mods are the slightly advanced versions of vaping devices. They will be larger and will come with a battery. You would also get some features that lead you to adjust the amount of current passing to the atomizer, the temperature inside the vaporization chamber, and several other controls. However, you would need the experience to operate this device, but you can be assured of a high-quality vaping experience. Since the batteries are larger, they could last longer and provide better performance than other types of nicotine vaping devices. Likewise, you could also go for nicotine-high e-liquid if you want. 

Regulated squonk starter kits These will be the advanced version of box mods with a squeezable bottle connected to an external atomizer tank. It will be a complex device. 


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