Things to do after placing the wrong fuel in your car 

If you place the wrong fuel type in your car, you don’t have to panic. According to a survey by the wrong fuel sosabout 150000 people make the mistake each year and thus, there are solutions which are readily available for the problem. The following are prospective damages and the options that you have so that you know what you need to do exactly. 

After putting the wrong fuel in the car, what next? 

If you haven’t turned your ignition yet, don’t. The worst damage from misfuelling happens after you turn on the ignition. And thus, in case you realize that you have placed the wrong fuel in your vehicle before you start the engine, you are lucky. The following are things which you will need to do: 

  • The engine should remain switched off and you have to avoid putting the key into the ignition 
  • Allow the petrol station staff to know what has transpired 
  • The car has to be placed in neutral 
  • The car has to be pushed in a safe place 
  • Call the breakdown cover or experts to drain and ensure that the fuel system is flushed 
  • Call the insurance provider immediately 

What happens if you start the engine after you misfuel? 

If you decide to start the engine after you fill up with the fuel which is not right, you need to: 

Turn it off immediately if that is the safe option to go for. If it isn’t, you should pull over to a safe spot. 

  • The vehicle should be placed in neutral 
  • Call the breakdown cover or professionals to come drain and flush the fuel system 
  • Call your insurance provider immediately 

To fix the car after misfuelling 

The wrong fuel sos recovery service will be able to drain the fuel and tank system of any contaminated fuel and give you enough clean fuel that you will use to start to move again. They have patrols who are trained mechanics, holding accreditation that allows them to work on the forecourts of petrol stations safely, and thus, no need for you to worry regarding where you stopped your vehicle. The specialists can be able to stow the vehicle away in case the damage is big. 


Whether you place diesel in the petrol car or the other way round, it is a mistake that is common which happens around the world and it is done easily when you don’t pay full attention at the pump. 

The sad thing is that it is an error which might prove to be very costly, as the fuel system might require to be replaced completely. But that isn’t always the case. 

Symptoms of the wrong fuel in your car 

If you utilized petrol in the diesel car, then you will notice: 

  • While accelerating, a loud knocking sound 
  • The exhaust produces excessive smoke 
  • Acceleration which is slower than usual 
  • The illumination of the engine warning light 
  • The engine stops altogether 
  • The car struggles in restarting 

If you are utilizing diesel in a petrol car, you will notice: 

  • Misfiring of the engine 
  • A lot of smoke coming from the exhaust 
  • The engine cut out 

The engine failing to restart 


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