The History Of A Pool, Types And The Uses


Pools have been a primary part of the architecture from the Mohenjo-Daro time, where it is commonly known as a ‘great bath.’ Since those times, the concept of pools has gradually evolved. A Pool is a composition designed to carry water to enable swimming and other leisure activities. Pools can be in-built or can be built above ground. The most used materials for making a pool are Concrete, metal, plastic, fiberglass, or natural glass. Pools are available in private houses, health clubs, fitness centers, and clubs.

Along with the pools, there are common additions of a hot tub and spas for relaxation and therapy. Activities like diving, water sports, physical therapy call for special pools. Swimming pools nowadays come with a heating facility as well. 

Types of pools

There are different types of pools available nowadays,

  • Private pools 

These are mostly present in private homes and used by family members only and are permanently inbuilt. They are made of Concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. 

  • Public pools

These are primarily for leisure or a part of recreation. The pools usually offer additions like a spa, hot tub, sauna along with the Pool. These require regular maintenance. Many public pools have a facility for changing as well as shower facilities. 

  • Ocean pools

These are present pools near the sea, where the seawater is circulated in the Pool using pumps. 

  • Infinity pools

These pools offer a visual effect of the water vanishing into the horizon. It seems like the water disappears at the far end. Along with the advantage of a pool, this adds high aesthetic value to space as well. 

  • Competition pools 

These are usually indoor heated pools used by professional swimmers. They have the facility of automated heating and lighting. These types of pools are used for the Olympics and State Championships.

  • Exercise pools 

Those with weakness and require aqua yoga and other activities involving a lot of muscle movement are used.

  • Hot tubs and spa pools

These kinds of pools are highly for leisure and relaxation. 

  • Natural pools and ponds 

These pools are filled with water with no chemicals or devices that disinfect the water; instead, the water is cleaned through biological filters and is a very safe water space.

  • Indoor pools 

These types of pools are insulated and hence make it impossible for the heat to escape. Hence making it more efficient for heating than an outdoor pool. But indoor pools come with a lot of maintenance. There must be efficient dehumidification of the environment for the smooth functioning of the Pool.

  • Zero-entry pools 

These pools are like the beach, one edge of the Pool is touching the surface, and then it gradually gets deeper. Zero-entry pools do not have ladders or stairs and are used by disabled children or older people.  In conclusion, a Pool is a structure that requires a lot of maintenance, but it also has its advantages of providing leisure and comfort. There are numerous sports which are encouraged in the water, providing good exercise to the body. But making sure you get the right kind of Pool for your requirement is necessary.


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