The Advantages Of period undies And Swimwear

Nobody knows all the benefits of wearing period undies and swimwear, but there are a lot of them! You didn’t! As for those of you who aren’t sure if you should buy some period pants or a period swimsuit, keep reading because you’ll learn why you should.


Period products can be very bad for the environment. People don’t know how bad these products are for the environment, and it’s time to make your time more environmentally friendly. 

If they don’t get stuck in your pipes first, they’ll end up in our sewage systems and rivers, where they’ll die. Tampons are also not biodegradable in the same way that toilet paper is, and they don’t break down the same way. When toilet paper is flushed, it should break down. Tampons are meant to absorb fluids while still being completely safe. 

Some people who work for water systems say that tampons arrive at treatment plants in their entirety. This just shows that they are bad for us and the environment.


To be honest, period products are so expensive that they’re not worth it! During the month, we have to spend a lot of money on period products. Everything from pads, tampons, and painkillers to new underwear when you start to leak costs money, and sometimes a lot of money, to buy when you do. 

And we have to pay for all of this every month. You can’t get it all at once. The period pants can be used many times before they need to be changed. Because they’re underwear, they’re washed in the same way. 

You’re ready to start. No, it won’t get rid of the cramps, so you’ll still need to buy ibuprofen (if that’s your thing). But it will save you money on the price of the medicine. However, if you’re worried about buying period items (which you shouldn’t be), you should invest in a few pairs of period pants. 

This way, you won’t have to make a last-minute dash to the convenience store to buy just period supplies and chocolate.


There are many good reasons to use period undies instead of tampons when you are having your period, and this is one of them! They can be scary at times, but we all know that. Toxicity, long-term effects of dangerous chemicals or irrational fears about a tampon getting stuck in the toilet may make it hard to use one. 

PantyProp makes period swimwear that doesn’t need a tampon while you’re at the beach or in the pool. For example, if you’re on your period and want to swim in the pool at the hotel while you’re on your period, this is a good thing to know.  We don’t even know how many chemicals there are in the tampons that we use because the businesses that make them don’t have to tell us. There are a lot of these compounds that can cause cancer in some people. There is no way for anyone to intentionally put carcinogens in their bodies, so this is a bad thing.


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