How to decorate a garden using garden ornaments?

Garden decoration calls for undivided attention. People must use their creativity to visualize designs for their gardens. Several kinds of garden décor are available in the market. But, before you decide on garden decoration, you must think about the budget. The price range of garden ornaments varies a lot. Handcrafted designs are slightly on the expensive end but are highly durable and have intricate designs on them.

Next, you must think about the theme of your garden. Suppose you want to follow the European theme, then you must get garden arches, stone sculptures, sundials and other vintage style statues. Select the colour appropriate colour as per theme to create the best aesthetic frame in your garden. Also, be mindful of the size of garden ornaments you choose. For instance, do not choose a bulky water feature for your small garden on the balcony. We have listed a few garden ornaments below.

  • Salcombe Outdoor Garden Mirror: Mirrors are the perfect decorative piece to make any place look larger. The illusion created by a mirror is perfect for outdoor and indoor setup. The height of the mirror is 3ft 3 inches. The Salcombe Outdoor Garden Mirror is of windowpane design. The overall aesthetic of the mirror will be manifold when you add creepers to the side of the mirror. Also, the mirror is weather resistant. You don’t have to worry about bad weather because the mirror is made from weather-resistant materials. The Salcombe Outdoor Garden Mirror has a powder black panel. 
  • Medium Armillary on Vine Stone Garden Pedestal: The beautifully handcrafted vine stone garden pedestal is perfect to match the vintage style of your garden. Place the vine stone garden pedestal beside a vine or creeper to create a wholesome frame. The medium armillary is cherry on the cake to the vintage frame. The height of the garden décor is 10inches and the total height is 2ft 9inches. The Medium Armillary on Vine Stone Garden Pedestal is available in amber and Cotswold colour. 
  • Brass Sundial on Egyptian Stone Garden Pedestal: The very beautiful Brass Sundial on Egyptian Stone Garden Pedestal is handcrafted with intricate designs. The stone pedestal of the sundial is fabulous. This quirky piece of the sundial is best for adding to the middle of the row. The Brass Sundial on Egyptian Stone Garden Pedestal has a height of 3ft 3inches and the weight of the sundial is 67 kgs. The base of the garden is 8 inches. Moreover, the stone garden pedestal is available in two colours.

Stone Garden Half Pool: The Stone Garden Half Pool is one of the beautiful garden ornaments. This water feature has a diameter of 185cm and is perfect to be used as a trough. You can plant your favourite water plants in the handcrafted Stone Garden Half Pool. Such garden ornaments has two colour options, namely, Amber and Cotswold. It will be best to use the half pool as a statement piece in the garden. To complement the half pool, other stone features like animals, angels, sundials, etc. can be placed.


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