Fire Watch Guards – Why You Need Them

Fire Watch Guards is very important tools in keeping a business, store, factory or other building safe from fires. Fire watch guards are basically tasked as a first line of defense in case of an emergency. These guards are often used as a temporary arrangement where the guard is charged with physical inspection and patrol on the property for any possible or existing fire hazards (in the case of real fires). In some cases, these guards are also placed at the front desk to protect customers from entering the building without proper authorization. The main purpose of this article is to educate readers on what a fire watch guard does and the various types available.

There are many types of Fire Watch Guards available for use by commercial businesses, government agencies and private individuals. A general misconception is that these guards are solely stationed at the front doors of commercial establishments. Contrary to this belief, there is a comprehensive range of fire safety devices designed to be placed in strategic positions throughout a facility to effectively combat fire hazards. The most common device is the portable fire extinguisher or fire hose reel which can be strategically placed throughout a facility to allow for quick response and rescue when a fire breaks out.

The presence of fire watch guards at the front doors of establishments and other key points of entry into a building is essential in preventing fire hazards from starting. This is because the exit strategy from a building is extremely important in fighting fire emergencies. An effective exit strategy minimizes the risk of a trapped individual making way towards an exit, which is often the cause of death during a fire. Fire watch guards may also be employed as perimeter patrol within the premises in order to minimize the threat of escaping via exit doors and windows. Fire patrol is typically used to deter forced entry and to control illegal drug activities inside the premises.

The majority of security services employ guard dog tactics for fire watch guards. The primary function of these canine guards is to alert the public and stop the spread of fire. Fire dogs are trained to detect heat signatures from sources of fire and produce their warning sounds which enable humans to evacuate buildings and shops before the fire spreads too far. Fire dogs are also trained to attack fire starting materials such as paper, wood and electrical wiring. Due to their exceptional hearing abilities fire dogs are capable of hearing every sound made within 100 feet of their handlers. Their strong bite and exceptional agility in tracking and attacking fire-starting materials make fire dogs ideal choices for security services and other law enforcement personnel in maintaining public order and security within commercial and private properties.

Fire watch security guards are also often deployed on construction sites, where large fires sometimes break out due to faulty construction practices and inadequate fire safety procedures. Construction sites also present the additional challenge of electrical power supply, which presents the potentiality for electrical fires. As electrical fires are often started by faulty electrical wiring, construction site guards may also be employed to monitor nearby electrical power. Fire watch guards may also be employed in fire extinguishing operations and may also be requested to visit damaged buildings to evaluate the condition of existing fire systems and to perform spot checks to prevent any future fire risks.

On a lighter side, there are times when fire watch guards may get security and safety duty by assisting people trapped inside buildings, or may simply be asked to attend emergency scenes as a guest to render assistance when and where necessary. Sometimes fire department personnel may have a short-staff status and need firefighters to attend emergency scenes in their jurisdiction. In such cases, the fire department will often request that a fire watch guard be sent to assist in the fire control process, and will ask the guard to stay and assist with the overall response to the incident until the arriving emergency medical staff is able to provide proper medical care. Firemen and EMT personnel will find that having a fire watch guard on hand is very valuable in providing quick medical care and getting people out of harm’s way safely.


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