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As the owner of a commercial facility, you are not only liable for the well-being of the individuals who are under your supervision and care, but you are also accountable for the safety of any equipment located inside the establishment. Safety concerns in the workplace must be handled appropriately in order to provide the maximum safety of both assets and employees. Part of maintaining workplace safety is having a comprehensive fire safety plan that is based on a professionally done fire risk assessment that is carried out by licensed and trained personnel. Following this evaluation, recommendations would be made on what equipment is lacking, what places need to be fixed, what further installations need to be completed, and so on.

Is There A Requirement for Training?

A comprehensive set of laws governing fire safety in public buildings, such as factories, warehouses, offices, stores, educational and healthcare facilities, theaters, and cinemas, is mandated by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in the United Kingdom. These standards, among other things, are intended to address concerns related to workplace safety. A requirement of such a set of standards is that all workers, regardless of their working environment, get required fire safety training. In your capacity as a company owner, you must ensure that your staff gets fundamental fire safety training from canapproval. This training will provide then critical information that will aid in the fight against flames and other calamities.

What Are the Fundamental Training Materials?

For starters, fire safety training consists of three major components: fundamental fire knowledge, the use of equipment, and the responsibilities of a fire marshal. Coursework in basic fire training covers topics such as the causes of fires, the so-called “fire triangle,” fire dangers, escape routes from a building, and emergency exits and doors. When your workers complete this section of the training, they will have a solid understanding of the fundamental ideas that will allow them to respond successfully in an emergency scenario. This leads to the second component, which includes lectures on how to utilize various types of equipment, such as fire extinguishers and other such items, among other things. The third component pertains to fire marshal responsibilities, which are the activities that must be taken in the event of a real fire occurrence.

Who Are the Individuals Competent to Conduct Training?

There are a number of companies that may give fire safety training that is done by licensed specialists. You can easily find one online by reading reviews. Those that give training may also provide you with a free fire risk assessment of your company’s facilities, which will allow them to build a training course that could meet your company’s specific requirements. Before settling on a training provider, it is a good idea to look into two or three programs that you are interested in and then speak with representatives from each of these programs to see which one fits your needs. It is said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment.” This is certainly true in this case. In terms of guaranteeing workplace fire safety, following the appropriate procedures can save you money in the long run and, more importantly, will assist you in protecting your company’s interests. For these reasons, it is worthwhile to let your workers undergo safety training from canapproval for their own good and the company.


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