Duolingo English Test: Things You Might Not Know

With the emerging Covid-19 pandemic spread over the world. The traditional testing center has been greatly affected since people can no longer go out of their homes without having that anxious feeling that they might get infected by the virus.

On the other hand, an increasing number of academic institutions are now accepting Duolingo English Test results as an alternative for the TOEFL and IELTS.

Duolingo, which makes the software that tries to teach you different languages, is now offering a Language test. This is the same company that made the app. The thing about it is that you can try taking it at home or anyplace at your convenience. If you’re someone who needs to show that you can speak English may it be for work purposes or schooling can take the test in the Duolingo app.

How to Take the Test in Duolingo?

Well, the good part is you could perhaps take the exam online anytime and from any place. There’s no need to go to a testing center to take this exam. Applicants can take it at home as long as they have the right tools such as a computer with a functional camera and speaker.

Since applicants are going to take the test at home, Duolingo ensures that they meet the strict guidelines laid forth by the company. An individual should be in a quiet room during the examination and no one should be chatting to them. Also, candidates cannot use the internet to search during the exam. And of course, one must have a pc with a functional camera and speaker. 

How Should You Get Ready for The English Test?

Simply saying, you need to get ready to take the Duolingo test. Who would want to get into a battle without proper training and a sword, right? You must look at getting better at everything from reading to listening. It’s also a good idea to have a proper conversation with someone who speaks English well. You could perhaps listen to audiobooks and read stories from top papers and magazines.

For even more help, you can enroll yourself in halo.tv so you may be able to enhance your English Skills. Halo.tv provides a lot of lessons which you can take you to further improve your English fluency. Just check their website, halo.tv, and feel free to chat with them if you have inquiries. What are you waiting for? Reach out to them so you may be ready for the D-day.

If you take a Duolingo English Test, you’ll encounter a wide range of exam questions in categories that may be completely unfamiliar to you. Tests usually involve:

  • Paying attention to what is being said and deciding which words are genuine.
  • Inquiring into the content of an article and deciding which words are true
  • Adding missing words to a piece of writing
  • Explaining a visual image verbally or non – verbally
  • Making a clip of your voice while reading a phrase

Verbally responding to a spoken inquiry


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