Does Organic Weed Get You High?

Organic weed refers to the cannabis that is grown organically. The plant is cultivated in such a way that makes the growth appear natural. Organic weed is allowed to grow in organic soil without human interference. No chemicals or pesticides are used to increase the production of organically grown cannabis. This type of weed is mostly dependent on natural sunlight, soil and nutrients. 

With the increased popularity of cannabis, most cultivators aim towards speedy productivity and higher yield. For instance, the cultivation of cannabis has turned into a science involving the hydroponic movement and with article lighting and chemical nutrients; everything is used in replicating and accelerating the life span of a plant to generate bigger buds and flowers. This is just the opposite of what happens when you buy weedthat is produced organically. 

It is believed that organic weed produces a stronger smell and taste. Weed that is grown organically has a stronger aroma because the plant is left free to develop its amount of terpenoids, cannabinoids and terpenes. Organic weed can grow more constantly when it is allowed to grow the way nature wants it. The ingrained genetics of the plant plays a vital role in its existence and potential to grow against opposed growth conditions. 

Those who consume organic weed also state that it is equally healthy for the environment as it is free from all chemicals. They also believe that it is better to inhale or eat because it doesn’t comprise any chemical nutrients or harmful pesticides. 

What are the benefits of organic weed?

Here are a few key benefits of organic weed you should know about:

  • It is safer 

As you spread know, when weed is grown with fertilizers and chemical pesticides, it contains a very high amount of toxin which can damage your body when consumed. Organically grown weed is safe to consume both ways. You can either inhale it or eat it without worrying about anything. 

  • Better flavour

It is a traditional belief that all natural things have a better flavour and taste. Weed is no exception as organically grown weed will give you z unique taste and flavour when consumed. 

  • Environment friendly 

Naturally grown weed is completely environment friendly as no chemicals or fertilizers are used during its cultivation. It is grown naturally in natural soil and by natural methods only. There is no artificiality involved. 

  • Better yields 

If you are a kush cultivator, you are assured to get more profits in cultivating organic weed. This is because, in the case of non-organic weed, a lot of pesticides and fertilizers are required to accelerate the growth of your plant. This way you might end up spending a lot of money on the cultivation process itself. With organic weed, there is no such requirement for pesticides and, you can save that money for yourself.  Organic weed is slightly different from inorganic weed. However, if you try organic weed, you’ll find notable differences between both. These differences are in terms of smell, taste, texture etc. Organic weed is equally effective in getting you high. 


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