Companies That Are Making A Difference With Online Donation Requests

In recent times, there has been a significant shift to online donations for charities and non-profit organizations. This shift is, in part, because of the convenience of online donations, and also due to the fact that people want to assist as much as possible, regardless of the current global crisis. This article will focus on companies that have taken an incredible step forward in transforming the face of charity and non-profit work by Companies with Online Donation Requests. This move has explicitly given individuals the opportunity to lend a helping hand to many organizations without even taking a single step outside their homes.

The first company we will focus on is GoFundme, which is regarded as one of the most popular and easiest platforms for individuals to create and share their campaigns. This platform has helped millions of people raise money for medical expenses, disaster relief, and other charitable causes. All you need to do is create a campaign page, and the platform helps you share your campaign with friends, family, and other potential donors.

Another company with a significant impact is Charity: Water. This organization was started in 2006 and has since provided water to over 13 million people worldwide. They have been able to use online donation requests to reach a significant number of people and have raised over $400 million. They offer an intuitive platform to customize a personal campaign to benefit charity. They make the donation process fun and interactive, giving donors an insight into how their donations are positively impacting people in need.

DonorsChoose is yet another company that has made this list, and it helps a significant number of low-income schools provide students with essential materials for the classroom. They have created a platform where teachers can create campaigns to raise money and support for their specific classroom needs. This platform mobile-optimized and is updated in real-time so that donors can see the progress of the campaign regularly.

CrowdRise is another online fundraising platform with a community of over 1 million charitable organizations, activists and supporters with a diverse range of interests. They offer detailed guidance and the tools required for individuals, groups and organizations to create their own customized campaigns. The platform has raised millions of dollars for charitable organizations since its inception.


In conclusion, online donations have become an essential tool for individuals and companies to make a significant impact on many charitable organizations. Companies such as GoFundme, Charity: Water, DonorChoose and CrowdRise are among the few that are leveraging online donation requests to bring positive changes to the world. It is always best to research such organizations and understand their work, which sets in motion an opportunity to make the world a better place. With these companies’ help, it is possible to make a change in the world, one donation at a time.


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