Canadian Investment Immigration : Things to know about it

The investment immigration industry is seeing exponential growth across the globe. Some of the biggest investment immigration schemes have seen double-digit growth in the past decade alone. These plans have been a boon for those who want to invest in the United States, Canada, or other Western European countries.

For those who do not have the time or the resources required to initiate their own business, the investment immigration service is an answer. By registering with one of these agencies, an investor can easily get investment visas and green cards. One can also get monetary tips from them.

One of the main attractions for immigrants is the opportunity to invest. It is one of the few areas in the United States where an individual gains permanent residency even without proving continuous employment. Investment immigration law experts provide an investor with advice on how to invest safely so that he or she does not fall into the trap of illicit investment.

The investment immigration law allows investors to convert their funds into funds in another country. In the case of Canada, this means that an individual can open an account in Canada and use it to fund an EU citizenship program. As long as the investment remains segregated, it is not taxable in Canada.

To enjoy the benefits of start up visa Canada scheme, however, an investor needs to register with the Canadian Investing Corporation. The account holder is then allowed to reside in Canada for three years after which he or she may apply for a Canadian citizenship program. The three-year period starts from the time of registration.

The investment immigration investor must also remember that he or she is not entitled to social benefits such as health care and income support as well as have the right to reside and work permanently in Canada. However, once all the paperwork has been submitted, he or she will automatically become a Canadian citizen.

An investor may become eligible for immigration if he or she can show that he or she possesses the ability to contribute to the economic development of a country and that he or she can bring about an improvement in the quality of life through investment. As long as the investment immigration lawyer is involved in the process, investors are guaranteed to enjoy the right to live and work permanently in Canada. Investors need to understand, though, that they will not be eligible to receive social services while they are waiting for their visas. However, they can apply for social insurance while in the process.

Investment immigration lawyers can help investors obtain B visas and work permits. These lawyers also can help investors adjust to their new homes once they have arrived. For those who are considering investing in Canada, it is essential to hire an investment immigration lawyer who understands the investment immigration law. Lawyers can help investors obtain the best possible deal for their visas. Immigration investors have the opportunity to access Canada’s investment programs that offer unlimited potential. If you plan on investing in Canada, you should contact an immigration lawyer immediately to discuss investment immigration opportunities and your options as a foreign national. Laws concerning immigration, as well as temporary residence applications, are extremely complex. For this reason, it is essential to hire the services of an experienced investment immigration lawyer to handle your case.


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